The Goulds’ Story

Lorrie and Jim Gould

Lorrie Gould has always had a special place in her heart for Mammoth Lakes.

Lorrie’s husband, Jim, started skiing in the Eastern Sierra with Dave McCoy at the tender age of eight, so when Jim and Lorrie had a family of their own, Mammoth vacations were a natural choice. Multiple times a year, they’d pack their girls into a motorhome and make the trip from their home in Southern California to the Eastern Sierra.

“When our girls started having babies, we couldn’t all fit in a motorhome,” Lorrie says. “So, we decided we needed a house in Mammoth. We were never sorry we made that decision.”

Twenty-five years after making the leap, Lorrie recalls how Mammoth Hospital was always a community anchor point for her family. “The service and care we have received is exceptional. To live in a small town and have such great medical services available to us is truly a privilege.”When Jim Gould passed away in 2013, Lorrie became a volunteer at the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary in hopes of meeting more people and keeping busy. “Little did I know at the time what a good decision I was making.” Lorrie soon joined the Mammoth Hospital Auxiliary Board, where she currently serves as Vice President, and she also serves on the Mammoth Hospital Foundation Board.

The community of Mammoth Lakes, and Mammoth Hospital especially, has benefitted greatly from the Gould’s decision to trade that motorhome for a family home. By directing strategic gifts, year after year, the Gould family makes a measurable difference in the lives of many. “I have been so fortunate in my life with a wonderful family, our successful business and to finally end up retired in this beautiful community,” says Lorrie. “I wanted to share some of that with the hospital and the people who have been so kind to me. I am sure my monetary gifts and my time serving the Auxiliary and the Foundation are helping the community, and that leaves me with a good feeling.”

Thank you, Lorrie, for being the wind at our back. We wouldn’t have this great hospital without the help of families like yours!