Shirley Martin Proves Early Detection Saves Lives

Shirley Martin was in the middle of Mardi Gras in New Orleans in 2022 when she got a call from Dr. Yuri Parisky, Director of Medical Imaging at Mammoth Hospital, following a routine mammogram.

“Well, you know when Yuri calls you, it’s probably not going to be good.”

She called him back immediately, and the news was what she expected—likely cancer.

“Like many other women, I had skipped my annual physical and my mammogram in 2021 because of the pandemic,” says Shirley in June 2024. “So I went to see Dr. Bouvier at the Mammoth Women’s Clinic on Valentine’s Day 2022. She insisted I schedule my mammogram right away. I was able to get in at Mammoth Hospital the next day, thankfully.”

Mammoth Hospital’s 3D Tomosynthesis machine caught a stage one mass in Shirley’s right breast. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis. She ended up undergoing a mastectomy in July 2022, and is now cancer free.

Shirley just returned from a spring trip to Italy and Greece with her son and daughter. “I don’t want to say it was the trip of a lifetime because I have a lot of lifetime left,” says Shirley, “but it was incredible. I’m so thankful for every experience now. Early detection absolutely saved my life.”

Shirley Martin (center) and her two children in Greece in 2024 after Shirley was declared cancer-free.

The Mammoth Hospital Foundation would like to thank the Albertsons Companies and Vons Foundation for sponsoring Mammoth Hospital’s affordable mammography program, which ensures that all patients have access to high-quality imaging to ensure early detection of breast cancer.