Thalia Hanson – Leaving a Legacy

Mono County resident Thalia Hanson, an adventurous woman with a lifetime history of volunteerism and philanthropy, left the Mammoth Hospital Foundation in her estate plans when she passed away in August 2022. Her longtime friend, Claire Roy, shared that Thalia had a strong gratitude towards Mammoth Hospital after being treated there following a bicycle accident which exacerbated her existing scoliosis.

Thalia was born in 1931 in New York City, but spent every summer at a youth camp on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which nurtured her love of the outdoors. She attended college in Minneapolis, MN, where she volunteered at a special needs children’s hospital after her graduation. In 1982, Thalia headed west and landed in Mammoth Lakes, eventually becoming manager of the Mid-Chalet Cafeteria at Mammoth Mountain. “She had to be to work before the gondola was running, so she would strap her skins on her cross-country skis and ski UP to Mid-Chalet in time to open the cafeteria with [manager] Martha Kramer,” wrote Claire in Thalia’s obituary.

“Thalia was always pleased with her care at Mammoth Hospital.” She especially loved her physical therapist, who not only helped her after the bike accident, but for many years helped her manage her chronic back pain due to her scoliosis. Thalia was an avid bike rider, skier, and backpacker, and if it weren’t for the great care she received after her accident, she might not have been able to continue with her passions.” – Claire Roy

Once Martha retired, Thalia became manager, moved into the Mid-Chalet penthouse, and for the next decade lived on Mammoth Mountain, a dream come true for the passionate skier and outdoorswoman. Thalia retired in 2005 at the age of 74 and fully devoted her time to volunteering in the Mammoth community.

Her volunteerism included Disabled Sports Eastern Sierra, running the office as well as teaching adaptive lessons on the slopes, volunteering with Mammoth Motocross as a scorekeeper, and donating her time to Mono County as a poll worker, never missing an election cycle. Thalia continued her volunteer work until she was 85.

By including the Mammoth Hospital Foundation in her estate plans, Thalia’s dedication to the communities of the Eastern Sierra continues to this day. “With her medical issues, having the ability to receive quality care locally was extremely important to her,” wrote Claire. Through her philanthropic gifts, Thalia continues to assist others by furthering the Mammoth Hospital Foundation’s mission to provide the latest in technology, equipment, and advanced patient care. Through her gifts, Thalia continues to uplift and inspire others.

By giving to the Mammoth Hospital Foundation, you too can celebrate excellence in healthcare for the future of our great community. For more information on how to include the Mammoth Hospital Foundation in your will or estate plans, click here.