Cassidy’s Story

Defibrillation Saves Lives!

Defibrillators are life-saving devices used during a cardiac emergency. They monitor cardiac rhythm, assist in CPR, and deliver a shock if needed. In our region, defibrillators are more commonly needed because of the effects of high altitude. High altitude can put stress on the heart, especially for people who are used to living at sea level or those with pre-existing heart conditions. 

In the winter of 2021, our dedicated Emergency Department requested the Mammoth Hospital Foundation’s help in expanding our fleet of defibrillators, and our community made it happen! We now have 10 new Zoll R Series Plus defibrillators and 1 Zoll X Series defibrillator. These new units are user-friendly enough for laypeople, as well as clinicians, including voice prompts to guide users in real time. The Zoll brand units are also in use by Mammoth Mountain and Long Valley Fire, promoting seamless, collaborative care of our patient community.

Cassidy, an active gymnast before her 2019 accident.

The video on this page shares the story of 14-year-old Cassidy Seitz who went into sudden cardiac arrest while skiing at Mammoth Mountain in 2019. Thanks to the immediate response of the crew at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area, Cassidy was stabilized with defibrillation and transported to the Mammoth Hospital Emergency Department for treatment. Cassidy was assessed and further stabilized at Mammoth, then flown to Renown Children’s ICU and ultimately the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Cassidy is a healthy, active teenager, so a sudden life-threatening episode like this was shocking and unexpected. Today, Cassidy is back to her active, vibrant self, but with a newfound passion for cardiac awareness. She wants you to know how important defibrillators are. It’s why she’s here today!

The Mammoth Hospital Foundation is grateful for the continued generosity of our donors. Together, we are building a tradition of exceptional care for our friends, family and guests.

Cassidy after a full recovery with Mom, Valerie in 2020.