Gary Myers

Mammoth Hospital Foundation Board Chair Gary Myers truly defined an era at Mammoth Hospital.

He and his wife Karilyn moved to Mammoth Lakes in 1981, as most do, for a “season or two.” They both had degrees in physical therapy from Stanford University, and they felt that with the population of athletes in the Eastern Sierra, there would be a market for their services. Of course, like most, they took second jobs bartending and selling skis to make ends meet. Soon, Myers & Associates became the first outpatient physical therapy service in Mammoth, and the practice gradually began recruiting more patients. Eventually, Mammoth Hospital offered to purchase their practice, with the caveat that the Myers’ employees would all keep their jobs.

A couple of seasons turned into lifelong careers at Mammoth Hospital for Gary and Karilyn, and they raised their two daughters within the close-knit community of Mammoth and the family-within-a-family of Mammoth Hospital.

Gary served two separate stints as Mammoth Hospital CEO before retiring in 2018, when he subsequently joined the Mammoth Hospital Foundation Board of Directors. “I firmly believe that Mammoth Hospital is one of the best assets in our community,” Gary says, “and truly worthy of strong support from every resident and visitor to ensure it’s always there for all of us.”

In his newly-expanded spare time post-retirement, Gary enjoys skiing, woodworking, and chasing after his two grandchildren. Gary also serves on the Board of Directors of the Mammoth Lakes Foundation.