Eric Clark

Eric Clark knows ski towns inside and out—he grew up in Colorado and has worked at multiple ski resorts including Breckenridge, Winter Park, and Vail. He even wrote his university senior thesis on “An Analysis of the Colorado Ski Industry.”

So when a job at Mammoth Mountain opened up in 2013, he jumped at the chance.

“I did what so many do in Mammoth, came for the winters, stayed for the summers,” says Eric. “Now I’m starting my second decade here.”

He joined the Mammoth Hospital Foundation Board of Directors after meeting former Board member Kyle Howell, M.D., at their children’s soccer practice.

“The Foundation wanted someone to represent Mammoth Mountain on their board, and there’s so many wonderful people at Mammoth Hospital, it was an easy decision to make,” says Eric. He says it’s his way to give back to the community he loves (he also serves on the board of directors of Mammoth Lakes Tourism), where he and his wife Christl raised their two daughters.

He says he’s so proud to be involved with Mammoth Hospital because it brings a diversity of employees and professional opportunities outside of the ski industry, as well as serving as a vital resource for the residents and guests of the Eastern Sierra.

“I’ve seen how a lot of different mountain towns operate and the one thing really special about Mammoth is its hospital,” he says. “When I lived in Winter Park, I’d always have to go to Denver for my family’s medical care. Coming here and seeing the community’s commitment to ensure a capable hospital is here to serve the locals and visitors really inspired me to give back through the Mammoth Hospital Foundation.”